Our Vision

We strive to exemplify the best of Taqwa (G’d Consciousness) by creating a dynamic, prosperous community of enlightened and effective global leaders.

Our Mission

The mission of Mohammed Schools is to provide an education based on Qur’anic principles and their universal applications. Our goal is to teach all students to accept their G’d given responsibilities and full potential, as we promote a nurturing environment that engages students in discovery and critical thinking.

Mohammed Schools of Atlanta (MSOA) is a Pre-K through 12th grade Islamic private school system in DeKalb County, Georgia within Metro Atlanta. The school is located in the East Atlanta area.

MSOA is the only Pre-K through 12th grade Islamic school campus in Metro Atlanta. The elementary and middle schools within the system are Sister Clara Mohammed School (CMS) and the high school, Warith Deen Mohammed High School (WDMH).

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